Since 2005, Orient Lines Elevators has grown to become UAE’s leader company in luxury home elevators for Villas, Hospitals, and Commercial Places, delivering the best products, people and value.

With a focus on absolute luxury, our lifts combine cutting-edge innovation and technology with outstanding performance and elegant, sophisticated styling.

Our Services

- Supply & Installation Elevators

- Repairing & Modernization

- Parts of all kind of elevators

- Maintenance of all kinds of elevators


Is to be providing our clients with quality service in installation & Maintenance of Elevators & Convey systems in a timely and professional manner.


Is to the, local market leader in elevators installations and maintenance. Our philosophy at Orient Lines Elevators is “a good product backed by good service will always promote itself” with this in mind, we continue to concentrate our energies on a reliable, well engineered product which is both architecturally attractive and competitively priced while maintaining the performance level that our company is known for.

Our Values:


Our responsibility towards our workers and clients is a major concerns, thus safety regulation are highly applied in all installation activities.


Attention to details and proper method of statements has always been the motto to provide our clients with the best quality of services.

We also know that it is important to provide the right elevator for the right building. We offer custom designed packages in addition to a wide variety of standard products.


Knowing the field we are in with proper management and supervision is the receipt to provide our clients with fast installation services.

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