Indoor Elevators

Choosing Orient Elevator means choosing a solution that meets the requirements of the safety code for residential elevators. In addition to standard safety features.

We provide perfect solution for Villas, Residential Places, Commercial Places, Offices, Handicap Elevators for Hospitals and Clinics, restaurants and for Penthouses according to the modern design and Technology that can make you feel comfortable. Orient Elevator system offers several add-on safety such as clearance guards, solid cab door with no gap between cab and hoist way door, and light curtains to ensure maximum protection, even to the less experienced user.

With aluminum shaft structure, as an alternative to the masonry shaft structure, Indoor Elevators are installed without any Pit, without machine room. Indoor Elevator can be with Automatic doors and Manual as well.

Orient Lines Elevator can provide Indoor Home Elevators in different colors like White, Golden, Silver, Black, Wooden etc. Providing safety to our Clients is our all time priority.

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