The lift for the home (domestic lift, known in the whole of Europe as Home lift) Easy Move is always tailor-made, customizable, and focuses on the safety of the whole family (both for people who want to enhance their comfort, as well as for the elderly and disabled), the reliability, the comfort and the elegance, in perfect harmony with the finishes and colours of the home.

Orient Home Lift is Home Accessible for all, Our Home lifts are easy to install and can directly install on the flooring, with all the comfort you could wish for. There is no need of any special pit and can install without the concrete shaft. Orient Home lifts always with the low operating costs and long service life. Home lift is suitable also for all kinds of home renovation work and for interior space reorganization.

Orient Home Lifts are Certified and safe which includes the Emergency Button and Lights to ensure the safety of our Clients. Orient Lifts are the most reliable with Automatic power descending for power failure and emergency self rescue.

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